Welcome to CASH DIRECT UK Limited

Please read below before entering our site.

Due to recent issues with similar sounding companies we would like to state the following...


- CASH DIRECT UK is a Car Body Repair Invoice Discount Specialists

- We no not offer loans and have never done so in our history.

- We have no affiliation or links with any loan company and never had.

- We are in no way connected to similar sounding companies such as "CASH-DIRECT.COM" / "CASHDIRECT" / "CASH-DIRECT-UK.COM"

- We would never send text or other digital media offers to any customers (new or existing)


** We are a successful reputable company, if you have received any correspondence or taken a loan out with any similar sounding company then please read the text carefully as this is not ourselves.

We are CASH DIRECT UK (Company Registration No. 04851457) and our website does not offer any facility for loans. **


** If you have any complaints regarding any loans / correspondence then please direct them to the correct company, failing this please take advice from the relevant authorities and / or the FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority - http://www.fca.org.uk/)

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